AIB awarded for fight against IP Piracy in plant material

The Anti-Infringement Bureau for IP Rights on Plant Material (AIB) has been presented with the 2016 award for Outstanding Public and Private Partnership in the Fight against Intellectual Property Piracy.

The award is handed out annually by the International Intellectual Property Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) operated under INTERPOL and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). It was presented to Managing Director Casper van Kempen at the Tenth Interpol/UL IP Crime Conference in London, in recognition of AIB’s outstanding commitment in its fight against intellectual property rights (IPR) crimes.

Strong efforts
Through an effective public-private partnership, the AIB and the technical law enforcement agencies in the main vegetable producing countries, monitor the piracy and counterfeiting situation in the market and formulate strategic plans. AIB also educates law enforcement agents and seed companies’ field staff on the importance of IPR protection and how to detect illegal activities. These efforts have been highly praised by the IIPCIC, which concluded in September this year that the AIB should be presented with the 2016 Award.

Few dozen of cases
IPR enforcement is one of the core activities of the AIB. Through effective public-private partnership, a few dozen of IPR cases were detected in 2014 and 2015, of which the bulk involved the illegal multiplication of seeds and plants. Many of these cases have led to penal investigations. AIB is working closely with the law enforcement agencies in curbing IPR infringing activities effectively.

The IIPCIC is dedicated to delivering leading edge training for investigators to effectively combat current and emerging threats arising from transnational and organised IP crime, thereby serving the needs of INTERPOL's partner organisations and other key international stakeholders.

About UL
UL is a global independent body certifying the latest standards, codes and requirements and works with INTERPOL in the provision of training for regulators and authorities.